About Copying Bob's Photos

Bob's Proof Prints may Not be Reproduced for Ads,
Websites or any other Commercial purposes.

Finished Custom Prints may be Reproduced under
the following conditions:

In Publications:
Non-Commercial use in association magazines, bulletins and
       yearbooks, e.g., awards recognition (No charge)
For advertising the sale of your horse (No charge)
For magazine articles using Bob's photos and any other commercial
       use, a fee will be charged.  Please contact Bob for a quote at:
       (513) 851-8529 or bob@BobTarr.com .
Always have Bob submit an electronic copy of the image directly to the publisher.  Do not mail the photo yourself.   There is no added charge for this service.

On Websites:
     For Personal Websites a $10 fee for a "Webset" of each image
       will be charged, this includes a set of web-optimized versions of
       the image and permission to use the image on your website.
     For Commercial Websites additional fees may apply;
Please contact Bob for a quote please contact Bob at:
       (513) 851-8529 or bob@BobTarr.com.


Anytime one of Bob's Photos is reproduced
Credit for the photo must be given to Bob as "Photo by BobTarr.com"
 and on Websites a link must also be provided to Bob's website

Thanks for contacting Bob if you have any questions:
(513) 851-8529  or  bob@BobTarr.com .


Copyright by Bob Tarr  2006